Love Leo. They usually exude confidence and positivity. Leo's outgoing personality invites conversation. Fire signs are charming despite their egos.

Go up and talk to them if you don't mind their incessant craving for attention.They're trustworthy because they're a symbol. 


Virgo's nervousness and detail-oriented mentality might make them seem closed off, but they want others to come to them for anything. Though quiet, Virgo is willing to help.

Service is their passion. They also enjoy being right. If they can use their Virgo vision to solve difficulties, they will. While earth signs like alone, they enjoy helping others.


Being around a Pisces is like being wrapped in a blanket. It'll be hard to leave their environment because you'll feel comfortable and snug with them.

They appear like they're putting on a front since you don't get a solid sense of who they are, but you start to identify yourself in them, making them likeable.


Taurus trusts. Kind and open, they're approachable. Stability and security make them approachable. Venus, the love planet, controls them. Tauruses are peaceful.


Geminis are gregarious and great communicators. Their enthusiasm is contagious. They can connect with almost anyone and find common ground.

Mercury rules communication, so they can discuss about anything. Don't be afraid to approach these air signs; they'll welcome a new friend.


Libra's comforting. Warm and magnetic, they're the friendliest zodiac sign. Avoiding them is impossible. Air signs love and accept everyone. Without imposing a bond, 

they relax everyone. Zodiac socialites, Loftis calls them. They're good conversationalists. Libra, a Cardinal sign, will help you feel understood and valued.

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