Make use of deodorant

Some people benefit from face-specific and over-the-counter antiperspirants. Facial antiperspirants using aluminum chloride or chlorohydrate reduce 

pores and prevent sweat. Consult your doctor or dermatologist if you qualify. This product may irritate sensitive skin.

Take along some rice paper

It's real. It may give you excellent skin year-round.Carry this in warm weather. When a substantial light appears, gently push and roll a rice paper sheet.

If you're spotless, one sheet can cover your face. To prevent acne, use two sheets per face zone. Semi-matte or matte rice paper absorbs moisture.

Stay cool

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, several of our experts singled it out for special mention.  making use of ice packs, cold water, and travel spritzers for further cooling. 

Try sleeping on a set of cooling sheets instead of your regular sheets. Implementing these procedures will get you well on your road to a sweat-free tomorrow.

You should try Botox

The anti-wrinkle properties of Botox are probably what you know it for. On the other hand, it can reduce perspiration. 

Stay away from coffee, alcohol, and spicy meals

Spices, caffeine, and alcohol raise body temperature. Limiting them reduces heat. Perspiration decreases.

Alcohol raises heart rate and skin blood vessels, causing sweat. Caffeine also boosts heart rate. Peppers' capsaicin warms you. Sweat cools.

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