Maintain a regular trim schedule

Most people feel a salon haircut looks best. Regardless of hair color, you probably trim often. Salt-and-pepper hair requires more frequent visits.

Dry gray hair breaks faster. Men trim every two to four weeks, women every four to six weeks, depending on length. Remember: Shorter hairstyles need more shaping.

Embrace your silver hair

First gray hairs may surprise. Some dye or color to conceal alterations. Experts recommend testing your new look.Let your natural hair grow in and decide. Go with the look

you may need new clothes or makeup. Colors modify skin tone when we wear silver or gray hair.There are several methods to go natural.Go for fashionable silver-gray hair

Try something different with your hair

A fresh haircut for your new hair color is natural. Stylists recommend many basic cuts to find your style.Gray-haired men look professional with shorter, tighter hair around

hairline and sides. Longer, pompadour, or messy top.Gray hair suits a short pixie, medium-length sleek classic haircut, or longer layered bob.

Going gray with coloured hair is different

Dyeing hair gray involves more choices. You can let the growth exhibit your dye and natural hair color contrast. Shorter or layered hair may assist.

utilizing wash-out hair colors like 28-day rinses until the growth is long enough, then cutting the dyed hair and ceasing the rinses. Rinse every two months to lighten. Dye intensifies silver strands.

Don't forget eyebrows & beard

Any hair can gray. Prepare for your new style's roughest phase.Gray hair rarely matches eyebrows. Salt-and-pepper hair is patchy. Gray disappears.

Home repair is likely.  Just For Men quick comb-in color in your natural hair color to cover greys. Match hair and brows. for blondes.

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