Be impulsive. Instead of fighting your impulses, ask yourself what you want from experiences. Why not follow your instincts? Best days are unplanned. Randomly created.


Be stubborn. Speak up. Express yourself even if others are uncomfortable. Don't be accused of overreacting when hurt. Avoid mistreatment. Sometimes stubbornness works.


Explore. Try new things. Don't limit yourself. You can keep learning after school. Always seek to improve yourself.


Be creative. Problem-solving isn't always necessary. Relax sometimes. Write, paint, dance. Please yourself. Instead of waiting, follow your passions.


Be lazy. You did a lot this year. You're exhausted. You should relax. If you burn out, you won't achieve your big goals. Take time to relax and refuel.


Be sensible. Complete your routine tasks this month. Though unpleasant, it will slow you down in December. Remember, sometimes you have to decline fun plans for important ones.


Be social. Mingle. Invite friends. Spend time with your loved ones, online or offline. Maintain important relationships. Maintain relationships. Check on their well-being.


Be passionate. Dream big. Do your favorite hobbies. Stop making excuses and make time each week to pursue your dreams. Self-care is due.


Be generous. Volunteer this month. Volunteer. Donate. Plant trees and attend fundraisers. If you can help your community this month, you'll start the new year refreshed.


Be unforgiving. Not everyone deserves a second chance. Don't forgive someone who has hurt you. Don't make room for them. Walk away.


Be yourself. Don't worry about others' opinions. Wear your choice. You decide. Say whatever. Leading with love doesn't matter what others think. Their judgment reflects them, not you.


Be creative. Make something. Dream away. Instead of picking up your phone when bored, let your mind wander.

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