Lively Aries. They drive. Aries illuminates. Brave, determined, and confident.
Aries are irritable, aggressive, and dominant. They get angry and can't listen.


Taurus wants a stable job and partner. Taurus partners loyally.
Taurus works hard and enjoys luxury. Cute, trustworthy, and humble.


Geminis are dual. "The Twins," Geminis, have opposing personalities. Friendly, open-minded Geminis Air-sign Geminis never get stuck. They're light. Friendly and adventurous Geminis.


Cancers are self-deprecating. Compassionate, loyal, and deep. Good listeners.
They listen all afternoon. Purity makes cancers doormats.


Leo rules. Leos are like Aries—ambitious, outgoing, funny, charming, and confident.Leos can appear self-centered, boastful, dramatic, and pretentious without cooperation.Kind Leos.


Virgos analyze problems to death. Analytical, methodical, and logical. Virgos problem-solve. They're patient. Virgos overthink. Virgos can't relax. Balance requires a routine.


Libras are peacemakers and kind. They're humanitarians. Like their sign's scales, they seek balance and gentleness.
Balancing scales is impractical. Libras are peacemakers.


Scorpios are fascinating. They hide their true feelings to avoid helping.Scorpios are resourceful. They'll help. Scorpios are vindictive.


Sagittarians attract like butterflies to flames. Positive, adventurous, outgoing, and inspiring.
Sagittarians have trouble focusing and switch tasks without direction. They're volatile and angry.


Capricorns work hardest. They want success and wealth. Smart, driven, philosophical, practical, and organized.Leaders, they are. Their career matters.


Aquarians fascinate. They enjoy new cultures, people, and intellectual challenges.They can talk for hours about their many interests and trying new things. Quick-witted humanitarians. Great leaders.


Pisces is sensitive, creative, and emotional like Cancer. Pisces are compassionate friends and partners.They'll sacrifice for family.Pisces avoid reality. They prefer living alone.

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