You set the bar high, making you their unforgettable ex. You wooed them with grand gestures and romantic dates. Your effortlessness made it hard for others to have the same impact.


You're the ex they respect because you ended things civilly. You remained kind and supportive after the breakup. They wish you well.


You made everything lighter and funnier. You cheered them on even their worst days. You're missed. On bad days or when they feel unsupported, they miss you more.


They brag about you because you left love notes on their fridge and wrote poems and essays about how much you loved them. You proved your love in every way.


You're the ex they can't get rid of, but not because you're chasing them. Who else can save them?


You were a marriage worthy ex. They think of you as a happy family with lots of kids. You were trustworthy. Even after the breakup, you were committed and the perfect person to marry. Still.


You're the ex who became a friend because you're the type who can't bear to let go of someone they once cared about and loved and because you have faith that time will heal all wounds.


You're their irresistible ex. From your words to your actions, you did everything right to sweep them off their feet, and they can't get over the passion and excitement they felt with you.


Your ex was unchangeable. You followed your plan regardless of what they did or how long they waited for you to settle down. You were unconquerable. They eventually abandoned you.


You're the ex who moved on too quickly because you're practical. Spilled milk doesn't cry. After the relationship ends, you look forward.


You're the ex who keeps returning because you're not sure what you did. You second-guess every breakup because you're confused about love.


You're the ex who didn't give them closure. You never explained what happened. You probably vanished or ignored them. They still don't know what happened or why you broke up.