Aries are self-reliant and logical. They enjoy solitude and profound thought. They want a man who will talk to them intellectually.Aries likes confident, honest partners.


Taurus enjoys their vices. Taurus is a dedicated partner. Taurus seeks a passionate, romantic man. Strong-willed men are sexier to them.


Gemini loves experimentation. They're adventurous and gregarious, so they'll expect you to keep up with them no matter what. A Gemini wants a partner who is honest and playful.


Cancerians are the kindest and most sensitive. You can't take advantage of them since they want what's best for you. A Cancer wants a man who is honest, fair, & independent.


Leos are dedicated. Without one of these traits, their relationship will terminate shortly. Leo seeks an honest man. Leos like generous, flirty partners.


Puzzling and thoughtful, Virgos New collaborations might be difficult due to their unwillingness to open up. Patient men get Virgo. Virgos prefer a grounded, supportive partner.


Strong-willed Libras Depending on the team, they're stubborn or driven. Libras are analytical. Faithful and adaptable guys compliment Libra. Libra prefers clear communicators.


Scorpios lust. People often make mistakes by doing something frivolous before considering the implications. Scorpio desires a strong, tolerant partner.


Sagittarius is free-spirited. They enjoy new experiences and spending time with their partner at home. Sagittarius loves sensual, jovial males. Active partners are needed.


Capricorns are smart and serious, thus they want a funny spouse. Similar friends help them bond. Capricorns want workaholics. They want relationship security to focus on the fun.


They love using their brains in and out of bed, making them great partners for other bold signs. Aquariuses like passionate men. Friendly people increase their confidence.


Pisces exploit their emotions and contemplation. They're honest when upset but don't take bullshit. They want a kind spouse too. Pisces adores romance every day, so be sensual.

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