Aries strives for absolute excellence. We require a loser. Due to the fact that you are both competitive and impetuous, you require a daredevil.


Taurus is the most faithful astrological sign. You're trustworthy and loyal, making you an excellent partner. You need a trustworthy person who prioritizes honesty. 


Your ambivalence makes you sociable. Party and be serious. Your twin thing often makes you indecisive, making dating tougher. Choices overwhelm.  Who cares will help you decide.


Cancers are emotional. It's likely you're the moodiest sign. No worries! It just shows you're loyal and value family time. You'll need a team player. 


Leo, leader. You're confident. You adore being creative and showing off. You're vain. Confidence attracts everyone, but regular dating profiles limit your creativity. 


Virgos are detail-oriented. You carefully consider everything before doing. This naturally sobers you up. So you can relax enough to find someone to lighten up.


Libra represents equilibrium. You value truth and harmony. Only devoted partners will do. Find someone to split the cost. 


Scorpions adore all. You express. That's bad. Online dating and catfishing create envy and trust issues. Badoo profile and photo verification decreases scams. 


Sagittarius loves exploration. You dislike confinement and love independence. Clingers suffocate! Dating apps terrify you. Date a gentleman.


Capricorn, the king of restraint, has trouble expressing emotions. You need someone who agrees with you and loves your gentleness.


As an Aquarius, you weigh your options. You don't like broken promises and have high standards for others. Stay away from catfishing. 

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