Few friends will bring you joy. Deep conversations with your closest friends will be better than big parties. Sharing emotional memories into the night. Deeper connections will result.


Work brings joy. You'll find little moments of happiness at work. This April, work will be better thanks to boss praise and coworker friendships.


Happiness awaits you online. You'll find like-minded people on TikTok or your niche fandom Tumblr pages. It's nice to know you're not alone in the world.


Flowers bring joy. Tulips and lilacs may bloom in April. Spending time with flowers will help you release emotional baggage.


Reading brings joy. That book may be the best way to unwind this April if you sit in a comfy chair or under a tree.


Artmaking brings joy. You're artistic, but people think you're left-brained. Doodles, paintings, knitting—whatever speaks to you—this month.


Going alone makes you happy. This month, try going to a movie theater or restaurant by yourself. You'll gain a lot of confidence.


Animals bring joy. Nothing beats cuddling a sleeping dog or cat. This month, adopt a pet. Visit a cat café or walk a friend's dog to get puppy or kitty cuddles.


Family visits bring joy. You love your family but don't follow their lives. Call or visit a friend this April. It could be a long-lost relative or your favorite. Or both!


Cooking for friends brings joy. You enjoy helping others. It shows your love for them. This month, cook your loved ones a meal.


Stargazing brings happiness. Sometimes you're too focused to look up. Observe the sky. Stargaze on a clear night. It's worth driving past light pollution.


Long night drives bring happiness. Driving at night with slow music and the wind blowing is magical. Better with a companion.

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