Arabian horse

Some of the swiftest horses come from the Arabian breed. Because of their remarkable stamina, they can cover great distances in a short amount of time.

American Quarter horse

The American Quarterhorse is a prominent breed of horse that is well-known for its quickness and dexterity in competition.

Quarter horse

One of the most common types of horses used in barrel racing is the Quarter Horse. This is due to their speed and agility, which allows them to swiftly alter course.

American Paint horse

Beautifully coloured American Paint Horses are quick. One of the world's most popular horse breeds was produced in the US.


US-bred Appaloosa horses are swift. Eastern Washington and Idaho's Palouse River inspired the breed's name.

Akhal Teke

An Akhal Teke horse is a breed of horse that is recognised for its unusual appearance, high level of athleticism, and strong work ethic.

Irish Sport Horse

World's quickest horses. Race, show jump, and eventing horses are bred for speed and agility.


A large number of Olympic competitors have Hanoverian ancestry.

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