You attract passive people who expect you to do all of the planning and carry all of the conversations while they do nothing themselves. These people look to you to do everything.


You attract possessive individuals who become irritated when you spend time with your friends and have a life apart from the relationship you are in.


You have a knack for drawing in enigmatic individuals who are reluctant to open up about their feelings and who frequently keep you in the dark, even when you ask them direct questions.


You find yourself surrounded by careless individuals who never remember the insignificant details about you or notice when something is amiss.


People who are always looking for trouble and who get into a lot of fights with you and everyone else are drawn to you because of your reputation as a gossip.


You're surrounded by pessimists who never stop griping and never seem to take pleasure in anything in life.


You draw to yourself people who can't be trusted to keep their word or carry out the plans they make.


You seem to attract people who are incapable of making a commitment of any kind, even to something as trivial as choosing a restaurant to eat at.


You bring in immature people who never take life (or their responsibilities) seriously, no matter who it hurts, and you attract people like that because of you.


People who are preoccupied with their jobs are drawn to you, but they never make time for you and constantly check their email even when you're together.


You seem to attract spoiled people who believe they have a right to your time and act as if you should consider yourself fortunate that they want to have anything to do with you.


People who enjoy having a good time, don't take themselves too seriously, and feel awkward whenever the relationship requires actual work are the types of people who are drawn to you.

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