Aries struggle with grey areas. They can't see anything that isn't clear. If something is unclear and their decisions are wrong, they'll lose sleep.


Taurus craves stability. They need a solid foundation (as do most of us). Taurus worry about finances. They're stubborn and will stay up thinking about how to stay balanced or keep walking.


Cornered Geminis panic. Forced situations will upset them. If things feel repetitive, they'll handle it poorly, be upset and frustrated, and feel like they're spinning their wheels.


Cancers depend heavily. Cancers crave human contact, even if it's just a quick text to check in. Cancer will love this! However, they'll fixate if they don't interact.


Leos care. Brave and proud, they worry about what's happening. They won't say it, but they'll take any slight to heart and wonder what's going on. Leos are kind because they don't want to disappoint.


Strong willed Virgos can act indifferent. However. Virgos work hard to do their best at work and want to feel appreciated. They work hard to perfect everything.


Libras focus on extremes. They'll fret over what to do in the situation. At night, Libra will stare at the ceiling and replay everything. They'll contemplate every angle until morning.


Scorpios worry about revealing too much. They'll worry about being too famous. They'll worry about being too candid.


Sagittarians worry about communicating properly. They'll panic if they can't. They must know they are free. They need self determination.


Virgo and Capricorn are the hardest workers. However, the Capricorn will worry about failing. They wonder if their accomplishments are enough and if they're happy.


Beautiful Aquarians crave attention. They're neglected. They need to be noticed and cared for. Aquarians need to know that people will love their uniqueness and that they're helping others.


Pisces are creative. They want recognition. If they feel suppressed, they'll stay up all night with every creative and artistic thought that's being ignored, wondering how to get things going.