The twins' inability to make decisions combined with their reputation as the zodiac's social butterflies makes them a prime target for infidelity. 

This air sign can be unreliable, especially for long-term commitments or relationships. Commitment involves rejecting others, often potential partners. Bored Geminis cheat.


Aries leads. As the zodiac's leader, they're independent and hard to control. Passion, curiosity, and self-discovery define Aries. They love the beginning of a relationship,

but they're ready to go on when it gets serious. Aries' fury also causes cheating. They angered and relaxed swiftly. In a fit of rage, they won't hesitate to cheat.


Venus controls Libra. Libras prefer beautiful, balanced, and balanced partnerships. As better opportunities arise, they leave quickly but silently.


Leos always want attention. They want to be the focus of a wedding dance floor or dinner conversation. Hence, Leos enjoy the pursuit and the excitement of first encounters.

Their magnetic charisma attracts others, even if they didn't intend to leave.Leo will cheat more if their partner doesn't pay attention.


Pisces may be polygamous. Love puts them in danger.  Pisces cheats emotionally. They seek emotional security without cheating.


Capricorn's participation seems odd. Capricorns want powerful, hardworking partners, which helps them classify their lives and disconnect from the emotional aspect of infidelity.

If their partner meets those criteria, they're happy otherwise, the relationship is over. As most Capricorns work late, they have plenty of time to keep this a secret.

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