Leo loves themselves and others, especially if they stroke their ego. They display their feelings and rapidly become preoccupied with romance and love partners. 


Pisces crash. They dream of a happy ending. They're the most love-struck zodiac sign, sometimes going too far to find love. Water signs' dreams and emotions might control them.

Even if unrequited, they can lose themselves in their partner. Obsessive when their love isn't returned. They love unconditionally and show it.


Cancers react fast and deeply. They'll keep you if they like you. Water signs are loving but can get attached quickly. They worry even while alone.


Venus-ruled Libra adores everyone. Love stories real or imagined can easily engulf people. Libras romanticize fictional figures and fantasize of writing their own love story.

They believe a love relationship can help them achieve life balance. Libras should avoid self-sacrifice and hold a torch long after the passion ends. After all, they are people pleasers.


Scorpio would survive alone. Scorpio's lips and emotions are locked until they trust you. Scorpios fall in love slowly yet completely. Water signs have strong, uncontrollable emotions.

Falling makes them love deeply.Passionate feelers don't allow anyone stand in their way. Passionate and compulsive, they can act destructively.


Venus rules Taurus. Because they need connection, they stay in relationships too long. They like to cheer people up. Tauruses are easily heartbroken, so be kind. 

They're loyal. They get lonely if they're alone if their partner isn't affectionate. Earth signs are self-sufficient but appreciate a mate.

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