Leos are self-determined. This sun-ruled sign is charismatic, kind, and intuitive since it is hypersensitive to others' energies.

Leos are creative, outgoing, and can read the room. They usually know what to say and when to make others laugh. Their intuitiveness makes them comedic geniuses.


Aquarians are always looking ahead. This makes them one of the most intuitive signs since they can see the future.Aquarians can solve anything and look intuitive.

They may predict trends.Uranus-ruled air signs fight for their loved ones' futures. This sign uses their intuition for others because of their kindness.


Pisces are the most intuitive zodiac sign because of their strong emotions and sensitivity, especially to loved ones.Their fluidity and sensitivity enable them understand people.

They can hear your thoughts, music, and last food. They sense hunger, pain, and need.Pisces are intuitive, psychic friends.


Scorpios are masters of overthinking and overprocessing. This makes them intuitive.Scorpios are paranoid and can tell when others are judging them.

 Because they care what others think, they notice negative messages.Scorpios feel bad energy and sense danger. If you need dating or work advice, they're great.


Libras are calm. This sign calms them in chaos. You're their friend.Libras may naturally perceive another' deepest desires and find the best answer.

Libras are sensitive.Libras will use their intuition to give you honest, straightforward guidance at a crossroads.

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