The Libran personality has a hard time finishing challenging projects. Their health suffers as a result of the stress and worry that this produces.

The Libran need for equilibrium makes it difficult for them to shoulder the burden of unfinished business or work from the past. Libra feels like there are never enough hours in the day.


Laborious Aries always give their utmost and pay for it physically. Aries always strives for excellence. They overextend themselves and suffer stress headaches and injuries.


An overworked Gemini looks calm and unconcerned. They are Lords of Denial in the finest manner.Gemini will retreat and recharge if work becomes too much.


The Virgo's drive, like that of fresh snow, propels them to greater heights of achievement and excellence. Virgo's drive for excellence means they often put in long hours.

Constant exhaustion and irritability are two of the many side effects of overworking and under sleeping.


Sagittarians are risk takers who often second-guess themselves. This sign has a strong desire to please and be appreciated, but they may take on more than they can handle.

They'll be working in an alien environment, but there won't be any time off for them. There are other duties must be fulfilled.


Overwork tyres them out, sending many of them to bed. Capricorns are the first to rise, most loyal to their employers, and most demanding of respect.

Capricorn is a professional, therefore you won't see them sweating the small stuff on stage. You have to work too much to make the cut for the Pros. It's a requirement of the position.

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