When a Leo isn't getting the attention they crave from their relationship, they may resort to cheating to satisfy that urge. Fortunately for Leo, there is no shortage of admirers and suitors.

They keep hoping this time is the last time Leo cheats, but it turns out that lasts can stack. Once they do, though, they are completely devoted to that person.


When things seem too normal in a relationship, Geminis may feel tempted to cheat. They want greater flexibility because commitment is hard for them.

If they're bored, Geminis will leave the partnership to find stimulation. The good news is that if a Gemini cheats frequently, they'll compensate by being more loving, kind, and kind.


Libras might rationalise their adultery so well that they don't feel guilty. Libra will locate someone to make up for their partner's neglect if they're lonely.

Libra had pleasure, and their companion should understand.Libras don't cheat on purpose, but they don't understand why it's wrong. Libra, who loves beauty, can't resist a gorgeous face.


Pisces are sensitive and don't want to upset anyone, so if they're unhappy in their relationship, they'll cheat instead of breaking up. It's hard to keep up with Pisces' love cycles.

They love displaying love. Even if they're married, Pisces can fall in love at first sight. If caught cheating, they'll feel bad and get defensive, but they'll cheat again.


Aquarians prefer non-traditional ways of living and don't always do things the same way. They like new commitments because they prefer to change things up.

Aquarians adore distinctive people and occasionally cheat to show their admiration. They adore their partner, but they also love everyone else.

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