Libra is another sign that can't bear being alone, so she'll tug on others' heartstrings to always be with someone who loves her. Indecisive Libras date.

One spouse may like movies, so she can always count on him to see new releases. She enjoys her partner's expensive dinners. Libras date many men to get the most out of dating.


Leos adore attention and are alluring, therefore they attract many lovers. Yet her sympathetic side finds difficulties with playing people too hard

she probably won't allow it go too far before telling you she isn't as interested as you wanted and cutting it off. Leos won't play with your heart for too long.


This sign tends to avoid situations that involve considerable emotion. You're friend-zoned without knowing it. Aquariuses may not prioritise romance, but

they always have a few buddies around for fun. She's proud that she doesn't need a man. It's harsh, but she prefers being alone and isn't ready to settle down.


Pisces doesn't know she's manipulating. Pisces are so sensitive to others that they neglect their own feelings. To satisfy you, she may play along. She may secretly desire romance.


The twin flames of the zodiac sign Gemini are notorious for playing fast and loose with their emotions; they always appear to have two faces and rarely reveal both at once.

Don't be too disappointed if you find out that she spends her free time with other potential suitors; this sign desperately avoids being alone.


Men ignore Virgos. She'd like their thoughts. If you don't help her more than you hurt, she'll leave. She wants to consider everyone before choosing her ideal suitor.

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