Scorpios hide their sensitivity behind grumpiness. Compassion helps Scorpios calm down. They also avoid taking things personally. 

It's possible that these people aren't who they claim to be and don't behave as one would expect. Consequently, people who aren't Scorpios usually just wish them well and move on.


Pisces is gloomy. Everything annoys them, from small irritations to big unpleasant conversations. Locals are furious. They are touchy and grumpy. Pisces becomes irritable.

Their grumpiness spreads. Pisces should be creative to avoid conflict and grumpiness. They must highlight life's positives.


Self-care is the best approach to calm a Capricorn. Capricorn needs solitude and quiet to settle down. Capricorns evaluate their feelings best when alone or isolated. 

Their grumpiness usually means they should relax and quit worrying about others. Music, yoga, meditation, bubble baths, and breathing techniques can calm them.


Malignancies worsen minor irritations. Family difficulties annoy them. Injustice enrages cancers too. Cancers are irritable but recover rapidly. Take the big picture.

Although one of the most angry zodiac signs, they know how tiny irritations may turn everything against them. Rage doesn't last. Positive thinking calms Cancers.


If their work isn't fulfilling, Virgos are cranky.They're tranquil. People calm down twice as fast and focus on solutions instead of problems. 


Aquariuses get unhappy if ignored. Left alone, they are the most inventive and brightest zodiac signs. If ignored, this sign becomes moody and grouchy.

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