Early breakup.No relationship. You planned without your sweetheart, seemed astonished when he called, and never sought a normal relationship.Don't freeze your possible spouse.


A potential companion must pass many exams.You take so long to verify someone's suitability for a relationship that they give up and decide it's not worth the effort.


Avoid buyer's remorse by giving your partner options.You didn't want to be tied down. You hate stress.If your relationship fails, keep someone at arm's length.


You assumed he'd change his mind after meeting you. He didn't.He was honest—you weren't. You can't pick someone difficult.Accept rejection next time.


They broke up with you because you were too busy and unworthy.You realize your worth and the harm of settling.Your confidence attracts others, so you won't be lonely for long.


You had various life stages and didn't connect.Leave for now. You may meet again and improve.You can't force a relationship, especially if both partners are emotionally unstable.


You were too cautious to be yourself.You couldn't date because you weren't honest or vulnerable.Being aware of others' sentiments is great, but don't let that keep you from being yourself.


The romance started intensely but ended soon.You only had a strong sexual attraction. After you were satisfied, you knew the relationship would never be more than a sexual release.


Your flirtation ended quickly. You want freedom to pursue your ambitions.You left after waking up. Since success in love relationships scares you, you're not good at them.


You barely saw him. You only texted.You thought he would have tried if he wanted to date you.You may focus more on work since you didn't desire a relationship.


You rarely shared alone time. You preferred group dates to couple dating.You wouldn't even grasp his hand in public to appear detached and uncaring.


Unknowingly, you pretended to read minds.He assumed your desires without telling him. He assumed you wanted friends from your actions.Express without attacking.

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