A Gemini woman might be Exceedingly insecure in a committed relationship. Insecurities about the relationship will make her act in ways she later comes to regret.

She is so pessimistic about her chances of success that she actively works to undermine them with her spouse. Perhaps once she feels safe and secure, she will decide to make a change.


A Attention pleases Leo. She cheats to feel good about herself. In a relationship, she misses being a provocative single girl. 

Someone will pay her attention, and she'll be so flattered that she'll cheat.


Without realising it, she's flirtatious. Even though she loves her boyfriend and cares about her relationship,

she cheats because she always has the chance. She's always approached. Sometimes these scenarios are tempting.


As long as they have support and stability, their relationships can go well. This zodiac sign is more likely to break your heart if they find someone better


Sagittarians weary quickly. She may tyre of long-term commitment. Although she appreciates her relationship, she loves new circumstances and people.

That's why she cheats. It thrills her, and she gets restless when she stays with one person too long.

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