You are unusually guilt-ridden, Virgo, for someone who treats the rest of us like muck. Maybe it's because you have a habit of mulling things over and over in your head.

Living in your head means spending too much time there. If you're in trouble, you'll blame yourself. You're upset, expecting blame, and ready to defend yourself.


Capricorns are so guilty they could have been born at the Vatican, regardless of faith. You enjoy structure, success, and planning.

You sink into despair when things go wrong. You accept the guilt trip that's yours. You blame yourself for the catastrophe. You're responsible and feel it all.


Your secret motivation is guilt. You coin the term guilty pleasure because everything you do is a coping mechanism for all your terrible deeds.

What the person you're torturing doesn't know is that you're doing it because you feel bad about ruining the last person you cared about, and that you get your kicks out of watching them suffer.


Your narcissism makes you feel directly to blame for everyone's happiness, thus if somebody doesn't react well and it somehow involves you, you feel guilty. You self-flagellate.


You feel the worst about it when it affects other people.You prefer to boast that you done it because you need validation for your feelings of inadequacy. Always blame.


As a Libra, you feel an enormous amount of guilt, but it is selective. If you don't pay your parking ticket, you'll go crazy with shame and fear, but if you kill someone, you won't feel a thing.

Funny how you accept responsibility for the simplest, most trivial things yet don't care about the major stuff like people's feelings or machetes.

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