Leos are arrogant bullies. Leos are so sure they're correct that they're hard to dispute with. Leo will puke on the carpet if he doesn't get his way.

You may want to leave when Leo pouts, but they need an audience to perform. You'll return if you ignore them.


Cancer complaining is unmatched. Cancers are moody and irritable, so you might as well smash your head against a wall to remember how to control your emotions.

 Dread floods you when Cancer takes centre stage. When angry, these people are serious. They dominate bad behaviour.


If you hate yourself and like protracted depression and failure, hang around with Virgos. Virgo is the worst zodiac sign. This tendency makes people sexually pessimistic. 

As you are the person Virgo hates most, you can make a Virgo your best friend and have a relationship in which you desire for death.


Pisces always displays its fear through self-pity. Pisces is the lonely crybaby, not the cool loner with brilliant ideas who is insane and crying because the art is too much.

Somebody left to notify you. During a party, you must concern about your hypersensitive companion.


Dissatisfaction and knowledge can tarnish a beautiful coin. You're Tackville's brightest tack, but your sadness tears the village down. 

Aries's misery is ours, and even though we don't enjoy your sulking martyrdom and bossiness, you'll always give us a second helping if we didn't get it.

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