Power and dominance are yours, Aries. You are the most dominant, warlike, and confident sign, and your inflated ego makes you think you might dominate the world


The goal of world dominance would be one of several everyday objectives. You have all these fantastic ideas, and you would LOVE to rule the world. 


You not only fantasize about ruling the world, but you act as if you already have. As your humble servants, we look to you to teach us the ways of... you.

Since you're more show than substance, we don't trust you. Leo, dream. That dream will inspire you. We'll survive on Earth, thanks.


You don't seek world dominance; you know you could run such a thing well if the opportunity arose. You think you know everything. You could save the world if they would listen.

Save the planet. You need ten billion believers to develop your love and light, and since you won't let any of your magnificent thoughts escape your brain


You're trying to be so warlike and authoritarian, and it's adorable. You're not quite as headstrong as an Aries, but you still manage to prevail.

Destroy a city, pillage a village, and spare no one on your path to world dominance. You may not be a super hero, but you rule the world nevertheless.


If you didn't want to rule the world, you wouldn't be a Scorpio. You were meant for this. It takes a village to topple a village, and you're the only one who can see you 

in this dominating position.Since no one thinks you can pull it off, you become all the more determined to prove them wrong. Let's face it: daydreaming is a lot of fun.

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