Scorpio conceals her sentiments because not everyone is trustworthy. She doesn't want to trust someone with a secret only to discover they know what she's going through. 

She'll never trust you if you divulge her secrets. Scorpio hides sentiments in a steel safe with savage hounds and barbed wire. Securely express her passion. 


Aries easily expresses enthusiasm and excitement, which everyone wants to enjoy. Despite her internal anguish, she won't discuss her more vulnerable emotions.


To avoid annoyance, Gemini covers her emotions. It's hard for her. Gemini relaxes when her feelings are validated. She can confide in you.


Leo can't communicate her emotions. She'll tell you what's up in a rage. She knows this is bad, so she keeps quiet when it's important out of fear of failing.

Mirroring Leo's attitude is the easiest way to get her to talk about her feelings without guilt. More self-expression. She ignores her sentiments only when she thinks she's managing them.


Virgo's preoccupation with perfection makes her nuts and impairs her judgement. Even though she communicates her feelings, her life feels too hectic.

Because Virgo can't make a mess without also cleaning it up, she needs to learn how to relax and let go of her worries.


Trusted Pisces easily displays her emotions. Despite her sign, she doesn't cry or yell at everyone. Instead, she solves her issues until she's alone.

 She'll conceal her sentiments if she has to face them alone too often. Pisces venting opens her up. Tell her you're just listening and present.

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