Gemini's siblings soothe and empower him. Gemini would not be the fantastic buddy he is without his siblings. Gemini requires siblings for role models. 

Gemini can get caught up in his thoughts and be restless and irritable, but having siblings even younger siblings to look up to inspires and teaches him life's lessons.


Taurus needs siblings because he protects. He'll defend you against bullies and teach you everything you need to know. 

Taurus's siblings are the greatest. Whether he's younger or older, your best friend or your worst enemy, he'll always defend and teach you because you're family.


Cancer has numerous ties, but his family is forever. He thinks blood is thicker than water that siblings are annoying, but you stick with them.

Cancer needs siblings for caretaking. He enjoys being the sibling you can call in the middle of the night for help or to eat lunch with. He enjoys being the family-oriented sibling.


Scorpio is like a sister you fight with but always supports. Scorpio adores siblings because even if you're linked, you won't condemn him.

Scorpio needs support too. He protects his relationships, including his siblings. When he loves you, he's protective. Because you're important to him, he'll defend you even when you're not.


Pisces leans on siblings. Pisces creates lifelong friendships. Even if you're related, Pisces may be your best buddy. Pisces needs siblings to understand him without judgement.

Pisces needs siblings, but they need him too. Pisces and his siblings have a lifelong bond of support and respect. His siblings will always be close, no matter the distance.

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