Impatient and impetuous, you Do what you want now. . You act without thinking about others. The worst aspect is that you don't realise how self-absorbed you are.


You're overprotective. Once you trust someone, you hold on tight. When you think someone is yours, they may feel confined, constricted, and like they can no longer be with you. 


Inconsistency keeps your lover wondering. You love and detest marriage.  It's annoying, yet you believe it's intriguing. Inconsistent people can't be trusted.


You're always dramatic. You're all operatic. You're overexcited. Avoid meltdowns by ignoring some things. Your moodiness tyres people.


Jealousy ruins relationships. You're arrogant and envious. Green-eyed monster, you're bad. . If not, many would swap places with him and be with you.


Overly critical people judge. While you're not flawless, you expect your partner to be.Discord ensues. Criticizing someone, even for their own good, is never fun.


You're not picky.  Hold off on dating until you're sure you're attracted to them. Even if you reject the first suitor, you'll find someone.


Manipulation may ruin a relationship. You force well. Your partner must make their own decisions and be accountable. Trust that they'll do right and learn from their mistakes.


You're positive and open, but be prepared. You're a zodiac sign that fails at love because you never change or figure out what went wrong.


Waiting because your relationship will fail. Breakups don't always hurt.  Negative people may miss the relationship's pleasure once it ends. Competent.


Stirring the pot can destroy excellent things. . It's fun to intentionally anger someone, but it's bad for your relationship. Positive strategies to keep things interesting exist.


You're oversensitive, so your partner has to be careful not to upset you. . Walking on eggshells gets old after a time. Your lover shouldn't treat you like a delicate victim.

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