Aquarius possesses inner and outer beauty. They're the most attractive because they're independent and always themselves. A person glows with these attributes.

That's why it's safe to assume that any beautiful person you encounter on the street is an Aquarius. They shine so brightly, it's hardly fair.


You handsome, charming, manipulative Libra! Even while Libras are far from perfect on the inside, their passion with beauty and all things beautiful drives them to work towards being beautiful, 

which is why they achieve. Librans are willing to undergo any cosmetic procedure for the sake of appearances, including but not limited to nose jobs, Botox, and stomach tucks.


Virgo's attractive appearance originates from her inherent purity of character. And naturally, as the zodiac's virgin, Virgo exemplifies that beauty to the maximum.


Geminis are beautiful because they strive for beauty.Gemini is fixated on being unique and lively, in contrast to Libra, which is preoccupied with physical attractiveness.

 When you add the fact that they are superficial to the mix, it is clear that the maintenance of a flawless physical look is of the utmost importance to them.


The fact that Taurus is both egotistical and amorous contributes to their physical attractiveness.

When your world is built around self-aggrandizement and romantic pursuits, it's natural to want to give your exterior the best possible care.

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