Bull-headed isn't stupid. No, this group enjoys throwing themselves into complexity. They always question what's actually going on.

They overthink everything, which leads to even more confusion, which leads them to analyse even more complicated thoughts.


Sagittarians' minds are dangerous unless you're one. These players are overthinkers. A real Sag must have damaged their mind with presumptions while not knowing the truth.


Dualistic nature hinders profound feelings. Gemini's feelings are so complex that they often ruin their own fun by overthinking things.

In a Gemini's psyche, a joyful scenario can turn gloomy after just an hour. This zodiac sign has an unhealthy obsession with looking at things from both sides.


It's too much. This is the way an Arian thinks. Those that are emotionally and psychologically complex frequently experience disarray.

Self-sabotage might take the form of an Aries actively imagining the worst possible outcomes. People's anxieties and fears are being transferred onto them.


This sign is the ruminating specialist since their complex emotions lead to long mental fights that inevitably end in emotional turmoil and bringing you down.

 Virgos hurt others to relieve their own suffering.Despite their haughty, arrogant insensitivity, Virgo is even tougher on themselves than others.


Sure. Pisces can make these wretched creatures cry and complain. This sign's wandering pity party hurts themselves and others. Pisces ruin everything.

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