They're not the most aggressive signs, but they have trouble letting go of things. Scorpio will remember a disagreement, even if they seem fine.

Scorpios are dark and sensitive when criticized or criticised. Scorpio's wrath's duration, not intensity, should worry you. They think your disputes will last forever.


Fire sign Leos will fight you. If you insult or abuse them or anyone they care about, they will retaliate the most viciously.Lions are ferocious protectors and hate being assaulted.

Simply put, Leos are the most vicious and insensitive people you'll ever meet, and they won't hold a grudge against you.


Fighting a Taurus is like fighting everyone they care about. Taureans are obstinate and loyal to their own. It's frustrating because they never admit when they're wrong.

They're one of the worst zodiac signs to argue since their words hurt. Angered, they're invisible. Tauruses are the scariest because they pretend everything is fine. 


They embellish and misrepresent you. If you injure someone purposely, they turn bitter. Post-fight cancer is your adversary. But they'll never forget.


Sagittarius will pick the most logical and crafty argument and then politely slay you with it.To convince them, you'll need a better argument. They'll stick to their beliefs even if they're wrong.


The debater is an Aries. The Aries you're up against will be fuming because of the conflict. They look down on debate and get irritated when others fail to see what they see as obvious.

They won't admit they were wrong soon away if they made a mistake. Although Aries values justice, they will often let things slide to keep the peace.

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