Surprise dates. Holding hands openly. traveling with an enlightener. Empty praise. Flirty texts. Largesse. Eye-catching gifts. They're "enough."


Kind gifts. At home. Guest turnover. binge-watching Netflix. Keeping promises. conceding the argument. Skincare. Scented candles. Dishes after work. Who knows love is a daily choice.


Reading material. 3 a.m. Late changes. Their favorite actor's filmography. Binge-watching their favorite comfort show with a loved one to reveal its lesser-known facts. Listening after a long talk


Custom blankets and scrapbooks. an extrovert. Weighted blankets. You're everything. Instant love. Laundry, groceries. Being honest. Romantic crap. Love songs. They love fearlessness.


A bluffer. Only caring about family. Quite strong. Taking many pictures until their pose is perfect. Unthinking love. Exclusion immediately. dominating couple. Waking up. loving them for themselves.


Purchasing difficult houseplants. flower shopping. Emergency phone number. their suggestions. Simple candles. Neutrals only. failed. Much obliged. Hobby rooms. Homestay cancellations. having faith.


blooming everywhere. Show dates. Daily flirtation. Unlimited exclusivity. Friend couples. Weekly romances. Peacemaking. Glowing skin. Smiles. Keeping balance. their love. a fatalist.


"We're Not Really Strangers" to learn everything about someone. ambiance candles. Dark clothes. fondly loved. hide emotions. Two dinners. having a chat. World-blocking headphones.


Unexpected love. Explorers. Cheap flights. Partner-only emotional outbursts. being free. Brain teasers. Discussing their new hobby. Kind words


Event planning instead of waiting. Multitasking in the same room. even though they know. Work-life harmony. Planning and discussing. Respected but not loved for their talents.


Unimportant debates. Think time. Curiosity over judgment. Used bookstore purchase of six new-interest books. BFF love. Unknown music. Bookmarking. Accepting their quirks.


Corny romantic comedies. Traumatic childhood. Glances reveal much. Respecting others. Chances two, three, and fifty. Memorable nights. Beloved. Letters. affirming their hopes, dreams, and desires.

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