Virgo manages herself and others. Thus, she likes to experiment with sex. She'll try new things, but she'll want to discuss it first.

Virgo has trouble following orders since she's always the boss. She may play rough if you reassure her. Love bites, spankings, and toys help Virgos trust you.


Aries craves excitement and competition. When sex gets boring, she'll want more. Aries can help you bond by discussing your fantasies and exploring new things.

Before acting, an Aries will often consider a series of possible outcomes. When Aries is in charge, things get rough in the bedroom. It's important to her to have the last say.


Scorpios have no bedroom rules. If she's honest, she'll play rougher. Scorpio prefers thrills over love in sex.

Scorpios become nasty beyond hard sex. If you have harsh sex ideas, give her a try. Scorpios never make you feel stupid for trying anything new in bed.


Sagittarius may get nasty in bed, which may surprise some. She will try everything once. Trying something new excites her.

Sagittarius is also quite curious, so she may want to attempt hard sex simply for fun. If she's like these other signals, it'll become her bedroom favorite.


Aquarius is the type of companion who will attempt anything without hesitation. The only way to have sex with her is to get rough.

Aquarius avoids calm, soft romantic sex. However, rough sex gives her the same pleasure and connection, so she sticks to what she likes.

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