A Gemini has a great sense of humor and may easily make friends. She is not shy about talking to new people.When she wants someone to feel at ease with her, 

she'll crack a joke or sneak in a compliment.When she finds someone appealing, she becomes quite flirty and will not hesitate to tell them so


A Leo is extremely flattered when people notice him. She enjoys the social interaction that results from her flirting, so she does it.When she's in the mood to flirt,

she has a lot of personality and charm.When she notices someone, she'll give them her full attention and a warm, welcoming grin. 


When flirting, a Libra uses more nuance. She enjoys striking up conversations with attractive people and is not shy about throwing subtle indications that

she has feelings for them.She's a hopeless romantic with a knack for finding the perfect words to lavish praise on the object of her affection. 


It won't be hard for a Sagittarius woman to strike up a conversation with the person she has a crush on if she loves them.She has a wonderful sense of humor, 

which she employs to her advantage in a variety of situations. In addition to this, she is quite skilled at demonstrating her interest in another person through her body language.

When she finds someone appealing, she simply cannot keep her opinion to herself; rather, she is compelled to share it with the person in question. 

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