Taurus feels she will never love again. She stays depressed for a long period after heartbreak. She cancels plans and doesn't want to undertake her usual activities.


Leo is a quintessential heartbreaker. Everyone believes she's alright since she gets dressed in the morning and holds her feelings in. It's exhausting, and-

when she's alone in her bedroom, it's too much. It's likely she'll cry herself to sleep. Try talking to your Leo friend over ice cream. She doesn't feel so lonely at night.


After heartbreak, some people yell, some cry, but Aries might pound a wall to vent her fury and hurt. Aries may benefit from space during this time. She could also use a soft punching bag.


Scorpio cannot take change, thus her life must be perfect. After a breakup, she attempts to control everything, even other people,

 but no amount of control can repair her wounded heart. . Though domineering, she needs a close companion to get through this.


She's quick-tempered and sarcastic. If this is your friend, don't be offended when she says these things she probably doesn't mean. She'll support you if you're heartbroken.


Pisces can't handle heartbreak because they can't let go. She obsesses over old images and relationship messages. She wonders about retrieving it.

Pisces doesn't need that jerk of a friend. She didn't make every error, despite common opinion.

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