Analytical Careful Virgo. She frets. Almost unfit.She obsesses about things her lover may not notice.She self-critiques. Despite her boyfriend's kindness, 

Self-criticism will persist.She apologizes for her irritating clinginess,Virgo clings. Adorable clinginess.Virgo clings like a hungry dog. It's adorable and clingy.


Taurus clings physically and emotionally. She's the signs' cling wrap and won't leave.She is always there when you need her. She's overprotective and clings to her boo.

She loves her partner like a gardener. She loves cuddling and hugging.She values touch, although newcomers may find her clingy


Emotional cancer. She's caring.Their emotions become hers.She's faithful, therefore she'll always be there.Her imagination can cause problems.

Her inventive imagination makes her skeptical, insecure, and manipulative.Be careful while withholding something from her. She'll dig up your secrets.


Scorpio is cool until you lie to her. When you deny her of reality and facts, she becomes very clingy.Clingy glow-in-the-dark stars. She clings.

She's chill again. She enjoys life and meaningful relationships. She is quiet but fierce and committed. All signs wish they were her. 

But lying upsets her. She breaks down, jealous, distrusting, and aggressive. I'm frightened. This sign could be dangerous, so don't lie

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