She doesn't need someone to regulate her because Capricorn is self-controlled. She understands what's best for her and will do it.

If you tried to manage her, she's so stubborn that you'll give up before you even make a dent in persuading her.


Aries strives to demonstrate her strength in all aspects of her life. She seeks leadership responsibilities and never wants to be told what to do.

She's confident and won't allow anyone put her down. Aries is strong, and no one can control her.


At first appearance, you might believe you have the upper hand with Taurus, but you don't. She loves power and the feeling of having it as well as material things. 

So don't assume you can control her by giving her expensive presents. It's not like that. She doesn't owe you anything—a it's gift.


Even if you believe you know Gemini well, you'd be wrong. Gemini is a master card player who is in complete control at all times. 

She'll cave in just enough to make you happy and make it appear like you're in charge, but she'll also step in to prevent you from hurting yourself.


Sagittarius wants what she wants and won't let anyone stop her. More than achieving her goals, she enjoys freedom. 

She likes the concept that she can do anything she wants and have people who support her rather than restrict her.

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