Pisces are most creative and communicative. Happiness comes from creativity. Many use music.

No musical talent is required for a Pisces to appreciate music and lyrics. Pisces thrive in an artistic environment, and musical styles change all the time. 


Taureans need a change of scenery due to their steadiness. Music is usually their method.

Taurus is a sensual sign that loves music, especially soothing, romantic tunes. It moves them. They like rhythmic music. 


The Libran ideal is to maximize one's experience of life. The music is what kicks off the festivities and keeps the dance floor packed all night long.

They see their lives as perfect as they are able to dance and let loose whenever they want. They may let loose and be completely themselves when they listen to music. 


Aquarius values the constant change and development in musical style. An Aquarius's greatest pleasure comes from engaging in thought-provoking-

discussions with other intelligent people.The shared experience of music provides them with the ideal medium for this, and they really value it. 


They are loud and proud, and that's exactly how Leos like to feel. The plethora of songs and rhythms available today makes music an ideal choice for this purpose.

They are not opposed to listening to the music or checking out any of the various bands that play there.

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