Aries constantly spends money on clothes, shows, and drinks to keep up with her active lifestyle.She never wants to wear the same outfit on consecutive weekends,

girl needs different outfits and shoes for each nightclub.Despite her spending, Aries always has money.She must always have enough money.


Gemini is a trend-follower and so a trend-shopper.Clothing, shoes, and accessories are more appealing to Gemini than fine dining.

She'll let you borrow her brand-new belongings if you promise to pay her back, but she won't go shopping for you unless you do.


Leo loves shopping for beauty products. She may be wasteful, but she knows where to shop.Her Groupon app always has beauty discounts and steals.

On weekends, she shops online or at the mall.She'll shop at any sale, whether it's Black Friday or a random Saturday.


Sagittarius will buy friends' smiles.She loves spending a lot on big things like weekend trips and cooking lessons.

She may propose a Spring Break road trip to Coachella or a week in Cabo because she is a Sagittarius and enjoys having a good time.She's going to give it a shot.


Pisces spends mostly on loved ones. She'll treat her partner to dinner or buy her BFF the jewelry she's wanted for weeks to make them happy.

Pisces are thrifty and spend small amounts regularly.
She also believes that occasional snacks might boost her mood.

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