This hairstyle will definitely show your age if you're over 60

Keep your cuts short and layered

Long straight hair enhances features. Mature women prefer milder styles. Face-framing layers work. Long, textured bangs, layered bobs, and collarbone cuts are alternatives.

If you're unsure where to start, consult an expert. Everybody's different. A salon specialist who can evaluate facial features and suggest a style is best.

Use color cautiously

Color is crucial. Dyeing alters appearance. Poor can. Home coloring dulls hair. Spend on salons. Your colorist can assure shiny, dimensional color.

Color choice matters too. Darkness ages. A cool-toned appearance has a similar effect. Warmth gives hair gloss and youth. Your stylist will suggest a shade.

Skip the hair tie in the back

Avoid breakage by wearing your ponytail loosely, tying it with cloth hair ties, and not getting it wet. Sleeping with your hair down will allow it to relax.

Easy ponytails. They also damage hair. Tight ponytails can thin and brittle hair. The style causes breakage, hair loss, and receding hairlines.

Treat yourself to Best products

New haircare products are the nicest part of upgrading. Quality hydrating shampoo, conditioner, and heat protectant are essential for older strands, which are drier and thinner.

Vitamins and specialist treatments strengthen hair.Buy hair-healthy products too.  With your cut, color, and style products, you'll have stunning hair for decades.

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