Aries begin March with internal conflict and mixed feelings about life direction. The future scares you. Your life is slowly changing, and it terrifies you.


March may challenge Tauruses. You want to feel safe in life. Unexpected changes terrify you. Taurus, you prefer the status quo. Things are changing.


Geminis have a busy March. You'll work on several projects and use your creativity in everything. You're motivated and thriving at work. Use positive energy now.


Cancers start each month fresh. You've been feeling down lately, like your hard work has gone unnoticed. Cancer may think so. That's untrue.


March is romance for Leo. You're wise and alive now. You want to get closer to your partner. Take advantage of your confidence and desire to express yourself.


Virgos, your services and logic are needed early in the month. Your generous advice and help are sought by many. Your nurturing nature may make you want to help everyone around you.


Libras will enjoy March. Multiple forces pull you. You want one thing for yourself but another entirely. Your brain is exhausted from running in circles. Libra.


Scorpios get creative in March. You explore and relive memories like a child. This is the time to connect with everyone. Book a trip or take a spontaneous drive.


Sagittarius spiritually heals in March. It's time to fix your recent funk. Forgive and heal now. Sagittarius, your past is preventing your progress.


Capricorn has a busy, eventful March. Overcommitting causes anxiety and mental fog. Capricorn, your health is suffering. Instead of going crazy, relax.


Aquariuses should do some self-reflection in March. Life has been hectic lately. You haven't spent time with yourself lately. Helping others is your specialty. Aquarius, confront your issues.


Pisces will experience nothing but joy this month. You're spiritually and emotionally connected. You're unstoppable. Your confidence is noticed. Pisces, enjoy the spotlight.