Your inconsistency ruins your relationship. In a rage, you act impulsively. Your relationship will suffer from your emotional rollercoaster.


Refusing change destroys your relationship. Your partner suffers your wrath when things happen. We know changes are hard, but swimming with them can help.


Your busyness destroys your relationship. You're a socialite with a fulfilling job and many interests. However, you should prioritise your partner's needs.


Your emotional unavailability destroys your relationship. You're sensitive and shut down your emotions to avoid getting hurt. This could cause your partner to leave forever.


Self centeredness destroys relationships. You believe the world revolves around you. You neglect your partner's needs because everything is about you.


Perfectionism destroys your relationship. Every relationship is imperfect, so stop trying to "fix" your partner. Accept their flaws instead of nitpicking.


Avoiding conflict destroys your relationship. Ironically, you become passive aggressive to maintain harmony. This strains your relationship and may end it.


Your need for control destroys your relationship. You are dedicated to your partner. When your partner doesn't reciprocate, you become possessive and controlling.


You ruin your relationship because you need excitement. Stability, adulting, and responsibility are part of being with your partner. It's time to commit and enjoy it.


High expectations of your partner destroy your relationship. You're determined to succeed. However, your partner is not you and everyone moves at a different pace.


Your inability to express yourself destroys your relationship. It's hard to express your love to your partner. Always prioritise doing so and being there for them.


Creativity and dreaminess destroy your relationship. Your partner may struggle to understand you as you retreat further into your world.

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