Death preoccupies you. You wonder what would happen if you stepped in front of a moving car on your way to class and jolted your wheel right while driving.


Stalker. You could spend hours browsing Instagram and TikTok. If your crush (or ex) is in a photo with a pretty person, you'll find their page and browse their stuff.


Lie well. You can make people believe impromptu stories. For fun, you lie. to test your luck. As usual.


You obsess. Dating someone is everything. You would hack up your cheating partner and feel no remorse.


Sometimes you imagine your funeral. Imagine the first arrival. Who cried loudest. Who would be most devastated by your death. It gives you power.


Nighttime s*x fantasies make you think of some strange things. Things you wish weren't attractive.


Netflix, Wiki, and Youtube histories are creepy. You saw disturbing things. If the government gets your computer, they'll think you're a serial killer.


Toxic thoughts appear randomly. You imagine crushing a baby animal. You imagine pushing a pretty woman into the street as you pass by. You'd never do those. You think about them constantly.


You could tell someone their grandmother died without crying. Sometimes you feel emotions wrong. Numbness can occur.


You plan friends and family deaths. You don't want to hurt them. Mental exercise. To prove your smarts, you figure out how to get away with each murder.


You've contemplated your mother, father, or best friend's funeral speech. No illness. But writing an emotional eulogy is creative.


Daydreaming about what would happen if someone hurt your loved ones is terrifying. You imagine being the hero. The hero who defeats the villain.