Aries wants all. They're clever but greedy. Mars rules Aries and instincts. They ignore consequences. Aries hurts to succeed. Confident but never satisfied. Greedy Aries.


Taurus hates. It's dead. Taurus needs hope. They may repeat errors. Abuse occurs. Partner-as-property hurts. Taurus resents. Sorry aids. Taurus may be more egocentric than Leo.


This bright sign hides danger. Geminis lie. Duality lies. Geminis gossip. Lie convincingly. Geminis lie. charmingly exploiting. They're insensitive. Clever. Gemini can instantly become inhuman.


Cancers grasp. Personality determines use. This sign. Trust Cancer's wisdom. Love hides deception. emotional manipulation (or just for the fun). Crabs lie. Cancer sly.


Insecure Leos want attention. Aries-like. Prioritize fire signs. Leo wants power. Power-hungry Leo lies. Pleasing lies. They enjoy others' failures. Empathizing, Leo laughs at your death. shouting.


Analytical and detail-oriented signs help. Virgos never act rashly. Everything's meditated. But fierce. Virgos perform. Cold-blooded. Virgo hurts. Perfectionists abuse.


Libra values honesty. They hide unreliability. Libras manipulate friends but dislike conflict. Reacts subtly. Save, divide. The thief. Libra loves stealing—your earrings, store lipstick, a lover. They can.


dark scorpions. Is lethal. Anger and power. Powerless Scorpio self-destructs. Scorpions risk. Subconsciously, they seek death symbols. Scorpio self-injures. Power is expensive.


Jupiter-ruled All Sag. Perform, Leo and Aries. Sag secretly aspires. Extroverts hide envy. Sag flatters but resents success. I'm moved. Competitors exist. Aspires Sagittarius.


Selfish Capricorns give. Cap may not care (especially when convenient). Capricorn exploits. for ease. Possessions trump relationships. You're disposable. Cap only bothers useful people.


Friendship-sign Unreliable Aquarius. Selfish sign. Selfish altruism. Earth orbits. Aquarius hates competition. Preach. Aquarius values control. Aquarius values freedom.


Pisces sinned. They con. This zodiac has liars and hoarders. Scorpio hides less than Pisces. Pisces kill to keep secrets. They rule. Pisces victimizes their attackers.

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