Electric blankets, putting your face in a warm bowl of soup on a cold night, and sledding down big hills are all things that make winter more fun.


naked sweaters, leisurely mornings with a cup of coffee, and sharing a mug of hot chocolate in front of the fire with someone you care about.


Tickling-neck scarves, a need to multitask, and going Christmas carolling are all great ways to get into the holiday spirit.


sleeping in for hours on end, gazing at the stars on a clear night, and being coddled by those you care about most.


The fire's warmth, the excitement of breaking out the winter clothes, and the thrill of finding the perfect present for someone are all hallmarks of the holiday season.


the weather changing, the sound of hail pelting your window, and the opportunity to deck your halls with Christmas tinsel and ornaments.


date ideas that include ice skating, driving around town to see everyone's festively decorated homes, and listening to Christmas music in July.


acting as though you aren't shivering, eating ice cream in minus ten degree weather, and racing home with your best friend in a blizzard are all examples of this.


how beautiful snow looks when illuminated by sunlight, the blast of cold air that hits you as soon as you step outside, and of course, making enormous snowmen.


early sunsets, anxiety that cooler weather signals the approach of finals, and the joy of seeing friends and family at a Christmas party you hosted.


snowfall for the first time, feeling your breath in the crisp winter air, and finally being able to break out the Christmas music you've been waiting to play all year.


collecting snowflakes, almost falling on ice, and seeing loved ones open their gifts with joy.


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