You're a daring introvert. You hate being called a "introvert" because you're not a wet blanket. You're tough.


Independent introvert. You seem to need people less than others. You're independent and don't care what others think. You love and value people in your life. Nobody fills your social circle.


Introverts are passionate. In seven years, you've never been bored. Every day you wake up and feel like this world is an exciting place to be.


The introverted lover is you. It’s difficult to love people as much as you do but also need so much time alone. You worry that withdrawing from people will hurt them.


You are the selective introvert. Though you dislike people, you're great with them. And when you are with people, your always sure to make sure you’re getting what you need from your relationships. 


Powerful introvert. You are the embodiment of a movie montage about someone kicking ass in their career. You're focused on your current life goal and won't let anyone get in your way.


You are the charming introvert. You are the most social introvert and enjoy all your relationships. You need space and privacy from your loved ones to stay sane.


You are the fearless introvert. You never lost a fight in your life. You're a tough introvert. You protect people you're close to, but you're very selective.


You're the introvert accomplice. Even though you’re an introvert, you tend to always find yourself in close relationships with people. Because you're a great partner.


You are the classy introvert. You’re an old soul who has a very strong sense of self. You’re absolutely sure who you are and what you like. You're happy with what you value, even if others don't.


Curious introvert. You never lost your childlike wonder and see the world as infinite. You ask a lot of questions. You devour books. You prefer people who can discuss your interests in depth.


You're creatively introverted. You prefer to live in your own world, so being alone is natural for you.