Aries, the ultimate fire sign, needs a loud, unexpected wedding cake. Aries can make a big statement with a bright frosting color like yellow, orange, or hot pink and bold embellishments like sequins.


Taurus loves opulence. Taurus wedding cakes should be luxurious. Beautiful texture, delicate flowers, and pearl sprinkles. Frosting is ideal. Taurus' cake needs a chocolate center.


Gemini, erratic. Gemini likes a two-tiered wedding cake with unusual flavors. Vanilla saffron? It's fine. Lemon lavender? No problem! Gemini's cake has bright flowers and two-tone frosting.


Cancer is about security. Cancer wedding cakes should be simple and minimalist. Cancer's love is comforting like one tier with white vanilla frosting and a vanilla center.


Lion Leo. Leo always performs. Leo should have a bold wedding cake. Leo's wedding cake will be unforgettable with matte gold frosting and vibrant florals on each tier.


Practical Virgo. They want dependability, not luxury. Virgo should choose a wedding cake with vanilla flavor, white frosting, textured flowers, and gold foiling.


Romantic Libra. Libra loves nature, aesthetics, and beauty. Libra wants a natural wedding cake. Fruits, flowers, twigs. Vanilla frosting matches outdoor references.


Scorpios are intuitive, secretive, and hopeless romantics. Scorpios love dark, mysterious wedding cakes. Black frosting with gold accents and red velvet filling.


Sagittarius loves adventure and travel. Sagittarius wedding cakes should be rustic and boho. White frosting, vanilla flavor, wildflowers, burlap, and gold.


Tradition-bound Capricorn. Capricorn's ideal wedding cake is a two-tiered vanilla cake with white frosting and minimal decorations.


Aquarius likes attention. Aquarius' ideal wedding cake isn't one. Aquarius likes cupcake wedding cakes. Each cupcake tastes unique. Mint, lavender.


Pisces feels deeply. Pisces, the ultimate water sign, should have a pastel-colored watercolor wedding cake. Pisces would love this dreamy, whimsical cake.

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