Clinginess. You prefer independence over clingy partners. Even if someone is suffocating you out of love, you prefer your own space.


Disrespect. Due to your pride and high standards, anyone who disrespects you will be exiled. No matter how much you love someone, you will never forgive them for disrespecting you, even in jest.


Aloofness. Because you're social, you can't date an antisocial person. You need a socially adept partner because you have many friends. You'll clash with a shy or unfriendly person.


Privacy. Emotionally and intuitively, you want to talk to your partner and help them through tough times. No private people. Emotional connection requires opening up.


Shyness. You're the star, so don't date a slacker. Because you're self-assured, you like a partner who challenges you. A shy or reserved person won't make your relationship exciting.


Unambition. You value success. Compatibility wins. Since you like to talk about that, a passive or unambitious partner will always make your relationship and daily conversations feel lacking.


Negativity. You're optimistic and believe in a better tomorrow. You hate negative people and drama. You prefer to be around positive people and avoid draining relationships.


Lying. Except for lying, you can forgive your partner. Lying—even a white lie—is a deal breaker for you. You hate lying and will never forgive your partner.


Laziness. You need an active partner. You'll do this regardless of your partner. Your partner should match your high-energy lifestyle.


Irresponsibility. Irresponsible people can't date. You always get what you want because you help others. You'll always feel responsible for an irresponsible partner.


Practicality. How do you discuss crazy ideas with a realist? You can't date a practical or uncreative person. Dream with someone, even if they don't understand.


Insensitivity. Despite your attempts to hide it, you have a high level of sensitivity and emotion. being near an unconsiderate person.

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