This Simple Makeup Trick Eliminates Dark Eye Circles

How Concealer Really Functions

Concealer, thicker than foundation, conceals under-eye circles, flaws, and age spots. Lighten under-eye circles with concealer. Color-correcting concealer works.

Cool skin tones should utilize pink concealers and warm skin tones orange. Our favorite brightness hack is below.

White concealer brightens under-eyes

White under-eye concealer with ordinary concealer on top illuminates and shapes the eye area. White concealer brightens before natural concealer.

Remove under-eye makeup first. Blend white concealer under your eyes if you have light skin. Overlay natural-tone concealer. For deep skin, apply natural-tone concealer first. Little goes far.

A highlighter works just as well

Use a highlighter in place of white concealer if you don't have any. Use a highlighter stick to add some shimmer, and then go over it with concealer to hide any blemishes.

It'll be beautiful.When used in place of white concealer, the highlighter achieves the same illuminating effect.  Try to stay away from highlighters that have too much shimmer.

Harmonize in this way

A small amount of concealer is always placed in the four corners. Blend up to bring the brows up.If you want to use this technique,

Putting a tiny bit of white concealer in the corner of your eye.  supports the contention. You'll seem revived and alert in an instant. Most noticeably, your under-eye bags will go.

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