Aries, love will be tested this month. You've been restraining yourself. Instead of preparing for a deeper commitment, you save certain behaviors.


Taurus, gamble. Don't think, prepare, or be ready now. Try and believe it's possible. Relationship status doesn't matter. This month needs positivity.


Gemini, discover. Now it's time to wait and see. Record your findings, whether they support your hypothesis or not. Stop justifying unrequited love. Need clarity.


Cancer, be tolerant this month. Since you take time to warm up, others should too. Instead of pressuring your partner, set your own timelines.


Leo, get close to your partner. This effort will strengthen your relationship with your partner. See their life through someone else's eyes.


Happy month, Virgo. Despite your fears, you deserve happiness. Stability aids. Emotional stability. Our efforts sometimes pay off. It's good sometimes. Happy, not bored.


Month of surprises. You'll realize what you've taken for granted when you get butterflies for a stranger or fall in love again. Distractions make us miss great things. Learn more.


Scorpio, apologize. Argue less. You'll be fine. You'll believe you can distinguish minor infractions from red flags. Forgiveness is perseverance. Letting go doesn't weaken.


Sagittarius, embrace nostalgia this month. You'll see your progress in expressing needs. Consistency matters with partners and new romantic interests.


Capricorn, this month excites. Nerves, excitement. Relationships require work. Fun first. Don't ignore your happiness for texts, dates, and rendezvous. Partnering was the hardest.


Aquarius, watch. Your relationships are active, but sometimes doing nothing is best. Trust, respect, and letting someone process their emotions are important relationship milestones. Work while lazy.


Pisces dream of strangers this month. Infatuation and curiosity cause what-ifs. Stay—all relationships begin there. Test your hypothesis to see if this person is perfect.

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