Aries is jealous of physical appearances. They try to look good at all times, but if they see someone prettier, they get jealous and try to look better.


Taurus loves to be the boss, so if attentions wander, they'll throw tantrums until everyone pays attention. They resent being ignored.


Gemini is easily jealous but hides it until it's too late. They dislike being overlooked. Geminis are self-confident, therefore they grow jealous when others are recognised.


As Cancer gets its kicks out of material possessions, if you wind up with more toys than your Cancer pal, the green monster is sure to make an appearance.


Stay focused on Leo. They won't comprehend. If you merely glance at another individual, they'll go crazy with jealousy. Leo is the jealousest sign.


Virgo hates the world and themselves since they're jealous of everything and everyone. If you acquire a valuable thing, Virgo will crave it and beg for your early death so they may grab it.


Libra acts condescendingly out of jealousy. Libra is the worst at putting others down since everything scares them and reflects what they don't have.


Scorpios' envy and sadism can be channelled into productivity. Scorpios always take their worst trait and make it evil and terrible for you.


Sagittarius jealousy isn't that they're not jealous—they are—but it takes a long time to realise that it's more like being neglected and ghosted. Sag becomes envious and disappears.


Capricorn feels envy, but they're more interested in moving on than lingering on things or people that make them angry or jealous. But not too jealous.


Aquarians enjoy making you jealous. They like hurting you and flaunting what they think you desire. They enjoy making you jealous, not jealousy.


Jealousy is a source of life and success for Pisces. It makes no difference if the discussion is about love, romance,etc. Pisces are often envious because they think you have something they don't.